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Le Daya Spa - Golf de Roquebrune Resort - Roquebrune sur Argens

A relaxing getaway to take the time to look after yourself. Relaxing the body and mind.
Foot reflexology (50 min) 105€
Foot reflexology is a therapy that consists in treating various disorders by putting
pressure on the feet. The foot, divided into reflex zones is a miniature representation
of the human body, each area relating to a different organ. Foot reflexology helps
eliminate tensions and various dysfunctions of the body.

Swedish massage (50 min) 105€
The Swedish massage is a combination of invigorating strokes. Revitalizing and
relaxing, this ritual will stimulate blood circulation and eliminate toxins, providing
muscle relief as well as a feeling of well-being & total relaxation.

Slimming leg massage (25 min) 55€
A draining and invigorating massage cure, twice a week for six weeks. This treatment
ritual will reduce excess cellulite, by mobilizing adipose tissue, restoring your skin and
leaving it feeling smooth & silky.

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Opening hours 10.00am - 5.00pm